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The Urban Dharma Newsletter... July 8, 2003


In This Issue:

1. How to Find a Buddhist Temple ...by George Klima and Chris Ng
2. California Buddhist Centers and Temples
3. Buddhist Teachers ...Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
4. ZEN (Roshis, Senseis and the like)
...Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
5. TIBETAN (Rinpoches, Lamas etc)
...Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
6. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: ThubtenChodron.org
7. Book/Movie Review: Meetings With Remarkable Women:
Buddhist Teachers in America
...by Lenore Friedman


1. How to Find a Buddhist Temple
...by George Klima and Chris Ng


Many Canadian people every year become curious about Buddhist teachings and decide to visit a temple. They want to find out first-hand what it's all about.  But which one should they visit?  There is no Consumer Reports for Buddhist Temples to show them which are the best and no Lemon Aid guide to show them the worst. Does that mean every Buddhist sect is suitable for every person? Are all Buddhist temples consistently pure? Are all Buddhist monks and nuns virtuous? No. The simple answer is that Buddhist practitioners are people like everybody else.


Although Buddhist practice begins with yourself, you need a temple to find a teacher. The community of people at a temple can also help you to share Buddhist values and to encourage you in your practice. You need a teacher to help you to learn Dharma (the Buddha's way) and to meditate. These are the two key things that a temple should be able to provide.

By "meditation" we mean the whole variety of sitting, visualizing, and chanting practices, and the integration of the underlying principles of meditation practice to all aspects of life as expressed in the present moment.

Most temples also have regular services, which are typically comprised of some combinations of teachings, meditation, chanting, and socializing. Such services are familiar to us coming from other backgrounds. They are useful for those of us leading lives that have routine jobs and schedules. But they are neither necessary nor sufficient.

Some groups make meditation available for beginners, but do not teach Dharma to beginners. This is fine, as long as you know that dharma classes are also available as you establish some basic discipline. However, keep in mind that meditation alone, with no teachings is a little like travelling without a destination: amusing but pointless.

Some groups provide Dharma teachings, perhaps in the form of lectures, regardless of the students' background. These are quite popular among "dharma hopping" students, who travel the lecture circuit. Perhaps such groups rely on students to develop their own meditation practice. However, to make sense of Dharma it is necessary to still the mind; to meditate. And meditation requires the guidance of an experienced meditator. Dharma class with no practice is interesting and intellectually enjoyable, but it is a little like studying cooking without ever having a meal.

Is the Teacher a Good Teacher

The Buddha himself left quite explicit instructions on how we can judge. We expect ordained monks to have sufficient practice that they develop beyond where we lay people have developed. And they should have developed in three areas: freedom from ignorance, freedom from greed, and freedom from anger.

Firstly, a good teacher has made progress in attaining freedom from ignorance. This means the teacher has arrived at some understanding about the nature of existence, and is able to show a genuine compassion. You should not hear a teacher quoting from a New Age bookshelf.

Freedom from ignorance also means a sufficient grasp of the teachings to be able to answer your questions. In fact, the Buddha was very clear that all followers should test all his teachings against their experience. The Buddha very much encouraged all visitors to ask questions. You should be able to get straight answers to your questions. Do be respectful, do be truthful with yourself, do focus on what matters to you, but do not be shy to ask, even the same question over and over. And do listen closely to the answers you hear. A good teacher will find a way to give you an answer that speaks to you, at your level of understanding.

Secondly, a good teacher is largely free from greed and lust. How can you tell? One way is to stay sensitive to an undue focus on your generosity. Be cognizant that your generosity benefits the community rather than accruing to specific individuals. Also look for signs of attachment to things and to people. What might be some signs that there is some funny business going on? Perhaps the teacher lives a fine and comfortable lifestyle. Perhaps there are too many women around who praise the teacher excessively and uncritically.

Thirdly, a good teacher is advanced in developing freedom from anger. Such a teacher might have a "lightness" in style and would not be trapped in his own "likes" and "dislikes", exhibiting kindness towards others, even very ignorant and difficult students. You would not find an authoritarian attitude where something is so because it's written here or there, or because the Buddha said so. In fact, any display of anger for any reason is a seriously unwholesome act. So-called "skillful" anger is no different from plain anger; it is therefore a dangerous concept.


It's helpful if the temple is nearby to where you live. Why make things needlessly difficult? It's far more sound to work towards a situation where the teachings and your visits to the temple become part of your everyday life, rather than being some kind of retreat from it.

Visting temples is a most pleasant activity. No doubt you will find that the people running them are an amazing collection of cheerful, courteous, and kind people. To ensure that you arrive at a convenient time, it's good to phone beforehand. It may be good to bring some fruit or a cash donation--think of it as a show of your sincerity.

In fact, the cheerfulness and focus of the people at a temple are a good indication of the general health of the place. One of our practical goals is surely that we should become more happy, more at peace with ourselves, more free from fear and worries, as a result of our association with Buddhism. Take some time to meet a few people. Do they seem physically and mentally healthy? Sit quietly in a corner for a while. Do you feel comfortable enough that you could spend an entire weekend sitting quietly with this group of people?

Note also whether the place is clean. Is the bathroom clean? A committed group of people will keep their temple spotlessly clean. There should be no shirking over toilet duties.

You may be more comfortable having studied some basics about Buddhism. There are many helpful introductions that you can start with, such as, "What the Buddha taught" by Walpola Rahula.

The Web site buddhismcanada.com consists of directories of temples and groups you could consult with if you decide to visit a Buddhist temple. It also contains a listing of special events taking place in Southwestern Ontario. Best wishes for your Buddhist journey.

2. A List of California Buddhist Temples and Centers... Click on links below:

(Southern) California

(Northern) California

(Bay Area) California

* Buddhist Centers in North America

3. Buddhist Teachers
...From - Sarlo's Guru Rating Service


"Buddhist Teachers"

The teachers in this group for the most part do not claim to be enlightened. Less flashy and exotic, with fewer friends in Hollywood than the zen and Tibetan gangs, they toil on unglamourously. This is not to say they are drudges, just that the ideas of gradual enlightenment, compassion, service and loving kindness have a strong hold in the "straight" Buddhist traditions. If any of them turns out to be the next Avatar or Messiah, please let me know.
I have also started listing some of them under the orgs of which they are important teachers, since as individuals they do not always stand out, though they have tons of experience in meditation. The head or founder is underlined.

Some descriptive information is included. An asterisk (*) indicates they don't really have their own sites, just an interview or short description on someone else's site. And a yellow asterisk (*) = suggested or located by visitor, thank you.

Rev. Haya Akegarasu M 1887-? Japanese "non-dualistic Buddhism" brought to US by Gyomay Kubose
Ven Ajahn Amaro M b1956 Brit based in US (CA) psych, forest monk, Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho
Lama Anagarika Govinda M 1898-1985, aka Ernst Lothar Hoffmann, influential author
Steven Armstrong M 50ish American (HI) buddhist psychology, vipassana for 25 years, monk, Vipassana Metta Foundation, Sayadaw U Pandita
Robert Beatty M 55ish American (OR), vipassana, psychotherapy, Ruth Denison
Cambridge Insight MC (Inst) Larry Rosenberg, Narayan Liebenson Grady, Michael Liebenson Grady. New URL
Ajahn Chah * M 1918-1992 Thai, to Europe in 1979. Page is in German
Yogi C. M. Chen M 1906-1987 Chinese many years of practice, many teachers mainly Tibetan, moved to US in '72, lots of books, tantra
Cheng Yen * F Taiwanese b1937, site is mostly online mag and charity info.
Chin Kung M Chinese b1927, based in Taiwan, travels, organizer. New URL
Ven. Thubten Chodron F b1950 American (WA) nun ordained in Nepal, worked in Singapore
Ruth Denison F 80ish German based in US (CA) vipassana, zen influences, U Ba Khin
Peter and Penny Fenner PhD and Psych respectively, 45-50ish couple offering Buddhist synthesis in a "clean and culturally neutral form," Thubten Yeshe
Gaia House in Devon, UK: Christina Feldman, Martine Batchelor, Stephen Batchelor, Reb Anderson Tenshin Roshi, Martin Aylward, Ajahn Candasiri, Simon Child, Patricia Feldman-Genoud, Charles Genoud, Helen Gumpel-Stephenson, Catherine McGee, John Peacock, Yanai Postelnik, Brad Richecoeur, Peggy Swan, Fred von Allmen
S.N. Goenka * M b1924, well-known Burmese vipassana teacher, Sayagyi U Ba Khin. New multilingual site
Joseph Goldstein M 55ish American (MA) 35 years vipassana, Insight Meditation Society head, Goenka, Munindra, Sayadaw U Pandita etc. QUOTE
Bhante Henepola Gunaratana Nayaka Thera M b1927 Sri Lanka, transplanted to US (WV), 50 years monk, forest retreats. new URL
Joan Jiko Halifax F American 50ish, big author, many credentials incl shamanic, now in prison projects, Seung Sahn
Master Hsing Yun(g) M b1927 Chinese no info, lots of orgs, incl Int'l Bud Progess Soc, FoGuangShan, Buddha's Light Int'l Assoc etc. New URL
Daisaku Ikeda M b1928 Japanese heir of Josei Toda, prez of Soka Gakkai
Insight Meditation Soc Michele McDonald-Smith, Corrado Pensa, Sharda Rogell, Christopher Titmuss, Carol Wilson, many others listed here individually
Ayya Khema * F 1923-1997 German Jew, many years in Asia, author, taught all over. New URL
Sayagyi U Ba Khin M ?- 1971 Burmese, straight Noble Eightfold Path
Khun Yay Ajahn Maharattana Upasika Chandra Khonnokyoong F 1909-2000 Thai, Dhammakaya meditation, mantra, service
Rev Seiyu Kiriyama M 70ish Japanese holds honorifics and big titles all over Asia, multi-author, Agon Shu = "Original Buddhism," success boosterism
Jack Kornfield M American author, major vipassana teacher, Spirit Rock and IMS founder
Rev. Gyomay Kubose M 1906-2000 Japanese-American, "American Buddhism," a synthesis of various Buddhist strains
Rev. Koyo Kubose M 60ish American (IL), successor of father Gyomay
Tsunesaburo Makiguchi M 1871-1944 Japanese founder of Soka Gakkai, reformist educator died opposing Japanese militarism, taught thinking for oneself, Nichiren Buddhism
Kamala Masters F 50ish Asian-American (HI) mother, 20 years vipassana, Vipassana Metta Foundation, Sayadaw U Pandita
Ken McLeod * M 50ish Canuck based in US (CA) many years with Kalu Rinpoche, author, org = Unfettered Mind
Ananda Metteya M 1872-1923 Brit aka CH Allan Bennett, early western buddhist monk, graduated from Crowley
Anagarika Munindra* M 70ish(?) Indian, little info, "lay" teacher of Joseph Goldstein, Surya Das, many others. Page is Antioch's "Buddhist Studies in India"
Rob Nairn M 55ish South African author
Rev Nichiko Niwano M b1938 Japanese succeeded father Nikkyo as head of Rissho Kosei-kai, service-oriented Buddhism
Rev. Koshin Ogui M 70ish Japanese moved to US (OH), brought "Pure Land" from Japan
Sayadaw U Pandita Bhivamsa M b1921 Burmese (Yangon), branches in US (CA) and Sydney, strict Theravada, Mahasi Sayadaw
Ven Ajahn Pasanno M 55ish based in US (CA) Thai forest monk for 20 years, Ajahn Chah
Pure Land An aspect of Buddhism that emphasizes faith and compassion, bit of ancestor worship, grew from Ch'an, mostly Chinese but also spread to Japan
Sharon Salzberg F 50ish American (MA) author, 30 years vipassana, Insight Meditation Society
Sangharakshita M b1925 Brit aka Dennis Lingwood, author, translator, Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
Rodney Smith 50ish American (WA) 30 years vipassana, 12 as monk, dying specialist, author
Steven Smith M 45ish American (HI), operations in Burma and Australia too, Sayadaw U Pandita
Sot'aesan Taejongsa M 1891-1943 Korean aka Chungbin Pak, awakened at 25, "Won Buddhism," links have wrong domain
Spirit Rock Guy Armstrong, James Baraz, Sylvia Boorstein, Eugene Cash, Debra Chamberlin-Taylor, Sally Clough, Howard Cohn, Anna Douglas, Gil Fronsdal, Robert Hall, Jack Kornfield, Phillip Moffitt, Wes Nisker, Mary Orr, John Travis, Julie Wester
Ven. Ajahn Sumedho * M b1934 American based in UK, abbot of Amaravati Monastery, ten years with Ajahn Chah. New URL, mainly links to dharma talks
Mr. Tam M b1923 Viet based in Canada aka Master Lng S Hang, Vo Vi method of soul travel (direct to Buddha), Mr T (Master o Thuan Hau)
Josei Toda M 1900-1958 Japanese heir of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, co-founder & second prez of Soka Gakkai, anti-militarist activist
Bhante Vimalaramsi M 40ish American many years intensive meditation in Orient, new approach to Vipassana bypasses historical accretions
Kate Wheeler F no bio, buddhist nun. Page is a riff on master-disciple exploitation
John Willemsens aka Advayavadananda M 65ish Dutch
Master Yin-Shun M b1906 Chinese based in Taiwan, author of The Way to Buddhahood
Ven. Shih Ying-Fa M 50ish American (OH), Pure Land, Koshin Ogui

4. ZEN (Roshis, Senseis and the like)
...From - Sarlo's Guru Rating Service


"ZEN (Roshis, Senseis and the like")

The teachers in this category for the most part do not claim to be enlightened. Their approach, on the face of it, is matter-of-fact, and goes down easily. In the privacy of their sanghas they may display more weirdness and/or esoteric tendencies. The apparent product is techniques and tools for becoming more aware – zazen or sitting meditation, martial arts, koans or habit-disrupting "nonsensical" questions and many others. Zen masters have historically been considered very dangerous people, outrageous and provocative, dating back to the original wild man of zen, Bodhidharma.

There is quite the bumper crop of western zen masters, with little groups all over. One way they demonstrate their respect for the zen tradition is by honouring the lineage and promotion protocols. Each must be designated and certified as a certain rank – titles vary – by their masters. And each has been in training with the master for years. So though there are many, some aspect of quality control remains.

Zen is usually thought of as a Japanese product, but there are some lineages – especially a rather large Korean contingent, mainly through Seung Sahn – whose origins are in other Asian countries. About Seung Sahn btw, his site lists so many "JDPSNs" that i have stopped listing them all and only henceforth will add the more "senior" ZMs

Most of these guys – actually there are a fair number of women – do not have a large public profile or website, so there may not be much to say about them. Besides, there are so many of them. So i will just give a minimum of info and the links to their sites. If any of them turns out to be the next Avatar or Messiah, please let me know Feedback.

An asterisk (*) indicates they do not have their own sites, but just an interview or short descriptive piece on another site. A yellow asterisk (*) indicates suggested or located by a visitor, thank you. A "‡" (what do you call these things?) indicates an important lineage master to whom many in the biz trace their heritage. If a big zen master is not listed here, try the (rated) Middle Path listings.

Jargon:   Roshi = ZM = Zen Master
Zenji = Sensei = Ji Do Poep Sa Nim = JDPSN = Authorized Teacher

Anne Aitken * F 1911-1994 American, m to Robert Aitken, new URL with pic
Augusto Nyo'ei Gen'un Alcalde Roshi * M 60ish Argentinian, Yuan Chueh. Page is annoying scroll-to-read
Robert Joshin Althouse Sensei M 60ish American, Hawaii, Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Ama Samy M b 1936, Indian zen, Xian priest, aka Arul M.Arokiasamy, Gen-un-KEN
Susan Myoyu Andersen F American 50ish, Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Tenshin Reb Anderson M American, b 1943, big wheel in SFZC, Shunryu Suzuki
Geoffrey Shugen Arnold Sensei M 40ish American, New York, John Daido Loori
Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi M 60ish American (CO), was abbot of SFZC, forced out in 1983 on ethical issues, also in Germany, Shunryu Suzuki
Subhana Barzaghi Roshi F 50ish Australian, John Tarrant Roshi
Jan Chozen Bays F 55ish American, pediatrician, Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Hubert Benoit * M 1904-1992 French surgeon, turned to zen after WW2, author, Gurdjieff
Perle Besserman F 45ish American, Illinois, Robert Aitken
Charles Shinkai Birx M, 50ish American (VA) educator, Robert Jinsen Kennedy
Ellen Jikai BirxF 50ish American (VA) author, whole healing nursing professor, Robert Jinsen Kennedy
Joseph Bobrow Roshi M 55ish American, California, Robert Aitken. New URL
Ross Bolleter Roshi M 55ish Western Australia, Robert Aitken
ZM Bon Haeng * M 50ish American (MA) aka Mark Houghton, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Bon Soeng * M 45ish American (CA) aka Jeff Kitzes, psychotherapist, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Bon Yeon * F 40ish American (MA) aka Jane McLaughlin-Dobisz, ZM Seung Sahn
William Brown, JDPSN * M 60ish American (WI), ZM Seung Sahn
Nancy Brown Hedgpeth, JDPSN * F 45ish American, ZM Seung Sahn
Chong An Sunim, JDPSN * M Hungarian, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Chong Gak Shim * Korean aka Jung Hoon Park, ZM Seung Sahn
Rev Nonin Chowaney M American (NE), 75ish founder of Order of the Prairie Wind (Soto), Shunryu Suzuki, Katagiri, new URL
Anton Tenkei Coppens Sensei M Dutch b 1949, was in US, moved back to NL, Genpo, Maezumi
Jiko Linda Cutts F 55ish American (CA) SFZC abbess, Shunryu Suzuki at al
ZM Dae Bong * M 45ish, based in Asia, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Dae Gak * M American shrink, author, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Dae Kwang * M 45ish, America (RI) and Korea, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Dae Soen Haeng * F 50ish Korean aka Hyun Soo Lee, ZM Seung Sahn
Dae Won Sunim, JDPSN * M 45ish Vietnamese, Korea, ZM Seung Sahn
Daitetsu Norm Randolph M American, 60ish, Dainin Katagiri-Roshi
Tetsujyo Degutchi M Italian b 1951, Tetsugyu Ban Roshi
Denko Mokudo Zenji M 55ish Danish-American Eido Roshi aka John Mortensen
Taisen Deshimaru M 1914-1982 Japanese, brought zen to Europe, Kodo Sawaki
Dorin Genpo Osho * M b 1955 German, aka H.R. Döring, Hozumi Gensho Roshi. Page in German
Heila Downey, JDPSN * F 40ish South Africa, ZM Seung Sahn
Rolf Drosten Roshi M 65ish German, Robert Aitken
Jack Duffy Roshi M 50ish American (WA), shrink, Robert Aitken Roshi
Sensei Wendy Egyoku Nakao F LA, Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Eido Tai Shimano Roshi M 80ish Japanese transplanted to US (NY), Soen Nakagawa Roshi
Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle M ?-1990, site in German
Zoketsu Norman Fischer M 65ish American (CA) SFZC abbot, poet
Anne Seisen Fletcher Sensei F 45ish American (CA), Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Charles Tenshin Fletcher Sensei M 50ish Brit, based in US (CA), author, Taizan Maezumi Roshi
James Ford Sensei M b 1948 American (MA), Jiyu Kennett Roshi, John Tarrant Roshi, new URL
Gae Mun Sunim, JDPSN * M 40ish Singapore, ZM Seung Sahn
Genpo Roshi M b 1944 American author aka Dennis Merzel, Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Gesshin Myoko Prabhasa Dharma F 1931-1999 German nun based in US and Europe, Moon Heart Sangha, Joshu Kyozan Sasaki Roshi. New URL
Master Gilbert M b 1909 American author aka Ta Hui, Seo Kyung-bo.
Bernard Tesugen Glassman Roshi * M b 1939 American, founded "Peacemaker" group, Taizan Maezumi Roshi. Page in German
Sensei Sunyana Graef F b 1948 American (VT), Roshi Philip Kapleau
Ruben Habito M 50ish Filipino in US (TX), Yamada Koun Roshi
Hae Kwang M 50ish American (Kans) aka Stanley Lombardo, ZM Seung Sahn
Steve Hagen M American, author, Dainin Katagiri Roshi
Rev Haju Sunim F b1944 Canuck aka Linda Murray based in US (MI) taught school, single mother, Samu Sunim
Harada Daiun Sogaku Roshi M 1871-1961 Japanese Soto zen
Shodo Harada Roshi* M b1940 Japanese, travels to US and Europe, Yamada Mumon Roshi
Zenkei Blanche Hartman F 65ish American (CA) SFZC abbess, Shunryu Suzuki et al
Pat Hawk Roshi M American SW, Robert Aitken Roshi
Danan Henry Sensei M b 1939 American (CO), Philip Kapleau Roshi
Roshi Hgen Berman * * M b1925 American (CA), Theravada and Mahayana roots as well, Takagi Roshi. Site has lots of other material, cartoons etc
Anzan Hoshin M 50ish Canadian, Yasuda Joshu Dainen Hakukaze Roshi
Cheri Huber * F ?ish American (CA) multi-author, teacher for 20 years, no lineage given
Keven Hunt, OCSO * M 60ish American, Xian monk, Joshu Sasaki Roshi
Hsuan Hua M ?-1995 Chinese, Hsu Yun
Hyang Um Sunim, JDPSN * F 40ish, Hong Kong, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Hyon Am * M 50ish Korean aka Baek Jeong Lee, ZM Seung Sahn
Il Lee, JDPSN * M 45ish Korean, ZM Seung Sahn
Pater Willigis Jäger M b 1928 German (Wrzburg) aka Ko-un Roshi, Yamada Roshi. Site in German, new URL
Mary Jise Jaksch Sensei F 45ish based in New Zealand, Ross Bolleter
ZM Ji Bong * M 50ish American (CA) aka Robert Moore, ZM Seung Sahn
Ji Din Shakya * M 80ish Chinese founder of Xu Yun temple in US (HI), translator. Site is an homage to Xu Yun
Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim * F b 1946 Korean, Frankfurt. Page in German
Sensei Alfred Jitsudo Ancheta M 60ish American, Peacemaker Community, Hidden Mountain ZC, removed for misconduct
Charlotte Joko Beck F American 60ish Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi (among others)
Dainin Katagiri-Roshi* M d1990 Japanese, page is talks. Author, see also DKR
Robert Kennedy S.J. Roshi M older American (NJ), interfaith, Yamada Roshi among others
Ken Kessel, JDPSN * M 60ish American (NY), ZM Seung Sahn
Sensei Bodhin Kjolhede M b 1948 American (NY), Roshi Philip Kapleau
Zen-Meister Kopp M 55ish German, zen, tantra, Xian, author, does it all. Site in German
Ku Ye M 45ish Spanish eclectic, Ji Din Shakya. Site is in Spanish
Kwang Myong Sunim, JDPSN * F 40ish Australia, ZM Seung Sahn
Kongo Langlois Roshi * M 65ish American (IL), Soyu Matsuoka Roshi
P'arang Geri Larkin F 55ish American (MI) author, StillPoint teacher, Samu Sunim
John Daido Loori M 60ish American (NY), Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Albert Low M b 1928 English, Montreal, Roshi Philip Kapleau
Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi M 1931-1995 Japanese, exported to LA. New URL
Maha Karuna Ch'an F Dutch, no info. Site is in Dutch
Leonard Marcel Sensei M 50ish, Pat Hawk Roshi
Rosalie Jishin McQuaide Sensei F American (MD), Robert Kennedy
Master Miao Dzong M b 1903 Chinese, Soto zen patriarch. Now whole domain gone (http://isis.infinet.com)
Mu Shim Sunim, JDPSN * M 45ish, Asia, ZM Seung Sahn
Susan Murphy Roshi F ?ish Australian filmmaker, work with Aboriginal spirituality, John Tarrant, Ross Bolleter
Sensei Sydney Musai Walter M 55ish American (NM) Shunryu Suzuki, Taizan Maezumi, Jitsudo Sensei. New URL
Myong Oh, JDPSN F Polish b 1959 aka Dorota Krzyzanowska, ZM Seung Sahn. New URL
Master Nan Huai-Chin M Chinese b1918 multi-author of Taoist, Ch'an & Confucian streams, big in China
Gudo Wafu Nishijima Roshi M b1919 Japanese zazen promoter, author, Rempo Niwa (Soto)
Oh Jin Sunim, JDPSN * M 40ish Polish, Berlin, ZM Seung Sahn
Pat Enkyo O'Hara Sensei F American (NYC)
Catherine Genno Pages Sensei F 50ish French (Paris), Genpo Roshi
Paul Park, JDPSN * M 45ish, American (CA), ZM Seung Sahn
Grazyna Perl, JDPSN * F 40ish, Paris, ZM Seung Sahn
Taitaku Pat Phelan F 50ish American (NC), Zentatsu Richard Baker among others
Sensei Sante Poromaa M b 1958 Swedish, Roshi Philip Kapleau
Dosho Port M b1957 American (MN), Dainin Katagiri Roshi
Aleksandra Porter, JDPSN * F 50ish Polish, ZM Seung Sahn
Masunaga Reiho M 1901-1981 Japanese, Soto zen author
Lincoln Rhodes, JDPSN * M 50ish American (RI), ZM Seung Sahn
Janet Jinne Richardson Sensei F 40ish American (MD), Robert Jinsen Kennedy Roshi
Rev Kyoki Roberts F 60ish American (rural PA), Nonin Chowaney, Soto, new URL
Judy Roitman, JDPSN * F 50ish American (KS), ZM Seung Sahn
Ven Samu Sunim M b1941 Korean aka Sam-Woo Kim based in Canada (TO) Buddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom, Solbong Sunim
Sensei Sevan Ross M 50ish American (IL) Sensei Bodhin Kjolhede
Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi M b 1907 Japanese based in US (CA), still travels, Rinzai zen
Sekijun Karen Sunna F 55ish American (MN) psychologist, Dainin Katagiri Roshi
Nyogen Senzaki M ?-1958 Japanese orphan, came to US (CA) 1905, Soyen Shaku
Master Sheng-yen M b1931 Chinese based in Taiwan and US (NY), Ch'an flavour
Onyumishi Kanjuro Shibata XX Sensei M b1921 Japanese based in US (CO), Kyudo (zen archery), 20th in lineage
Elihu Genmyo Smith M 50ish American (IL), Hakuyu Maezumi Roshi
ZM Soeng Hyang * F 60ish American (RI) aka Barbara Rhodes, ZM Seung Sahn
Manfred Steger M 45ish Austrian, based in US (IL), Robert Aitken
Sei'un An Roselyn E. Stone F 55ish Canadian (TO) + Australia, Koun Yamada Roshi
Su Bong * M ?-1994
Joan Sutherland Roshi F Australian b 1954, based in US (CA) & Australia, Robert Aitken, new URL
Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki Roshi M 1870-1966 Japanese, came to US in 1958, author, monk, scholar, dharma heir Richard Baker. New URL, also Dirt page on chauvinist, militaristic history
Shunryu Suzuki M 1905-1971 Japanese Soto Zen, came to US in 1959, SFZC and others, author of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, many disciples in the biz
John Tarrant Roshi M Australian, based in US (CA) & Australia, Robert Aitken, new URL
Daniel Terragno Sensei M 50ish Chilean, based in US, John Tarrant Roshi
Ban Tetsugyu Roshi M 1910-1996 Japanese,
Claude Anshin Thomas * M b 1948 American, Bernard Tesugen Glassman Roshi. Page is in German
Bonnie Myotai Treace Sensei F American 45ish New York, John Daido Loori
The Wanderling M 65ish American cyber-figure, "Awakening 101" course, 100's of pages of info, zen and shamanic-related insight, hosts pages for others without sites, present day and ancient, also has his own guru list. MORE

Alan Watts M 1915-1973 Brit moved to US (CA), author of many books, zen popularizer. QUOTE

Danny Waxman M b1936 Israeli, author & martial arts, Masunaga Reiho
David Weinstein Sensei M b 1949 American (CA), Yamada Koun Roshi, new URL
Sojun Mel Weitsman * M b 1929 American abbot of Berkley ZC, Shunryu Suzuki. Page is a talk. See also SFZC
Gerry Shishin Wick Sensei M American (CO), Taizan Maezumi Roshi
ZM Wu Bong * M 50ish Polish, US & Europe, aka Jacob Perl, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Wu Kwang * M 55ish American shrink, author, aka Richard Shrobe, ZM Seung Sahn
Xu Yun M 1840-1959 Chinese asa Hsu Yun, aka Empty Cloud, survived illnesses, asceticism, persecution, to awaken, stayed in China, now disciples all over
Yasuda Joshu Dainen Roshi * no info. Page is a talk
Yasutani Hakuun Roshi M 1885-1973 Japanese, Soto-Rinzai synthesis, came to US in 60s
Bill Nyogen Yeo Sensei M American (CA), Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi
Zenmar M 60ish American, "Dark zen," cyberzen, Daino Doki
Zenrin Chido Zenji M American (FL), aka Robert Lewis, Eido Shimano Roshi


5. TIBETAN (Rinpoches, Lamas etc)
...From - Sarlo's Guru Rating Service


"TIBETAN (Rinpoches, Lamas etc)"

The teachers in this group for the most part do not claim to be enlightened. Tibetans, and their derivatives, are currently the most popular Buddhist line after zen, thanks to the Dalai Lama, and to the Chinese, who drove them out of Tibet. The Tibetan form(s) of Buddhism arose from the felicitous intermingling – similar to what happened in China when Buddhism travelled there and created a hybrid with Taoism – of Buddhism and the native, mainly animist religions.

Tibet's former isolation has been shattered, so now the whole world, even China, can benefit from their experience. If any of them turns out to be the next Avatar or Messiah, please let me know Feedback.

Some descriptive information is included. (There is often not much.) All are of Tibetan origin unless otherwise indicated. An asterisk (*) indicates they don't really have their own sites, just an interview or short description on someone else's site. A yellow asterisk (*) indicates suggested or located by a visitor, thank you.

I am experimenting with a new page, Dead Tibetans, where previous incarnations and some recently departeds documented with their own pages will get a listing and a link. It is a brand new kind of sub-category, which because of the intermingling lineages and recycling peculiar to this tradition may apply uniquely here. It is intended to keep this page from getting too crowded with not-really-availables, while still listing them for aficionados.

Ngakma A'dzom Rinpoche F b1961 American, various incarnations, Nyingma, wife of Traktung, Rigdzin Community
Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche M b1939(?) trained as lama + Tib medicine, left Tibet in 1959, returned in 1988 with humanitarian outfit Rokpa, 16th Gyalwa Karmapa
Bagyod Rinpoche (8th) M b1944 based in Malaysia, id'd by 16th karmapa and 10th Situ
Beru Khyentse Rinpoche M 45ish mainly active in Australia, Nepal and Singapore
Ven Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche M 60ish based in US (CA) incarnation of Vairotsana, among others, Pema Lingpa lineage (Nyingma), many teachers, recognised by Karmapa and Dudjom
Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche M b1930, medicine, meditation, based in US (CA), travels
Chatral Rinpoche M 85ish Nyingma, teacher of Tharchin
Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche M b1946 co-head of Drikung Kagyu Order, based in India, Songtsen Library project. New URL, no mention of co-Kyabgon Chungtsang
Acharya Lama Dawa Chhodak M b1951, based in California
Ven. Choden Rinpoche b1933 19-year retreat avoided Chinese, taught in S India, now in west
Khenpo Chodrak Tenphel Rinpoche M 40ish
Tsikey Chokling Rinpoche M b1953 son of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, reincarnation of Chokgyur Lingpa
Chkyi Nyima Rinpoche M b1951 Barom Kagy lineage
Dagyab Kyabgön Rinpoche * M 50ish Gelugpa (German page)
Sherab Dorje * M b1969 Brit. Jazampa: "the most ancient shamanic tantra methods of Vajrayana essentialised in contemporary form for modern-day spiritual warriors"
Druwang Konchok Norbu Rinpoche M b1921 Claims to be enlightened
Dudjom Rinpoche M 1904-1988, aka Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, site is a "page-turner" of quotes
The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche M 40ish, Nyingma + Kagyu
Kyabje Garchen Rinpoche M b1936, 8th Gar incarnation, Drikung Kagyu lineage, based in US (AZ). New URL
Kyabje Gelek Rinpoche * M b1939 based in US (MI), centers in NL and MY. Early start, long career, good English, full-service
Lama Gendun Rinpoche M d1997, set up in France
Gya(l)trul Rinpoche M b1925, based in US, Nyingma lineage, assoc with Penor Rinpoche, Tulku Natsog
Lama Gyr'mèd M
Jamgn Kongtrul Rinpoche M b1995?, 4th Jamgn Kongtrul. Site has recognition story + bios of 1st three JKRs
Jamme Choesin Rinpoche (8th) M b1939, 22 years in Chinese prison, based in Malaysia. New URL
Jamme Lhamchog Rinpoche (7th) M b1961 aka Lhatrul Nyima Kunkhyab Trinley Drodul Palzangpo, Drikung Kagyu lineage, based in Malaysia. New URL
Lama Jigme Rinpoche M, 16th Karmapa brother
Khayad Je Kalu Rinpoche M 1905-1989, much loved, bio page has pics of new incarnation
Lama Karma Samten Gyatso M b1947
Lama Karma Shedrup Senge M b1954
Lama Karta * M 45ish musician based in Germany, Kalu Rinpoche. Page is in German
Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche M b1924
Khandro Dchen F b1960, m to Ngak'chang Rinpoche
Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche M 1932-1999, Dzogchen author, master of Surya Das
Khenpo Orgyen Thinley Rinpoche M 35ish based in US
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche M 1910-?, Dalai Lama teacher
Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche M b1961, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Ven. Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche M b1926 "Kadampa master," Kalachakra lineage, travels
Künga Dawa M 65ish Scot based in US (CO) aka Richard Arthure, Chgyam Trungpa. Page is a request for retreat support
Kyabj Knzang Dorje Rinpoche M 70ish
Lho Bngtl Rinpoche (7th) M b1965 aka Tendzin Nyima based in Malaysia. New URL
Lho Kunsang Rinpoche (8th) M b1942 based in Malaysia, id'd by 16th Karmapa. New URL
Khensur Denma Locho Rinpoche M b1928 Yamataka specialist, principal, abbot, taught in US, now in Dharamsala
Yeshe Lodoy Rinpoche * M b1943 Gelugpa, based in Mongolia, travels RU, incarnation of Yelo Tulku; Dulwa Khenpo Ngawang Thubten Choikyi Nyima
Lodro Rabphel Rinpoche M 35ish, left base in Malaysia because of sex scandal of uncertain validity, still supported by org. Page not yet updated
Lopon Tendzin Jigme Rinpoche M b1960 Taiwanese, first tulku in Taiwan
Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche M b1926, travels but based in India, Dzogchen
Lopon Thinley Nyima Rinpoche M b1966 Nepali, based in India, Dzogchen, tantra

Lungtok Tenpei Nyima M b 1927, based in India (HP), head of Bonpo
Minam Rinpoche M b1966 aka Konchok Trinley, based in Malaysia
Mipam Chokyi Lodro M 35ish, Shamarpa, nephew of 16th Karmapa, aka Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche * M b1962 son of Chogyam Trungpa, aka Sakyong Mipham Jampal Trinley Dradl Rinpoche, sel Rangdrl Mukpo, the Sawang, much training in US, Nepal, etc, took over Shambhala (CT's org) in 1995, Khyentse Rinpoche
Rigdzin Namkha Gyatso Rinpoche M b1967 fled Tibet in 1997 recognized as 12th Rigdzin Drag Ngak Lingpa by Dilgo Khyentse was in US with Traktung and A'dzom, now Switz. New URL
Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche M b 1938, Dzogchen, based in US
Ngak'chang Rinpoche M b1952 German, m to Khandro Dchen
Lama Geshe Thubten Ngawang * M 60ish (German page)
Ngulchu Thogme * ?, no info. Site is long poem
Nopa Rinpoche (12th) M b1922, Drikung, based in Malaysia
Hannah Nydahl F 50ish Danish, interpreter, 2nd fiddle to Ole
Lama Ole Nydahl M 60ish Danish, 30 years with Karmapa
Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche M b 1963 based in Denmark. Page is in Danish
Nyidzong Tripa Rinpoche M b1974 aka Tulku Choedak Rinpoche, based in Malaysia. New URL
Drikung Ontul Rinpoche M b1950, based in Malaysia and India. New URL
Ven Tulku Orgyen Phuntsok Rinpoche M 35ish based in US (CA) Nyingma, recognised by Dudjom
Lama Tenzin Osel M b1985 Spanish aka Osel Hita Torres, reincarnation of Lama Thubten Yeshe
Lama Palden Drolma * F 50ish American (CA) aka Caroline Alioto, Vajrayana, psychotherapist, mother, Kalu Rinpoche
Ranyak Patrul Tenzin Rinpoche M b 1963, based in Belgium
Ane Pema Chdrn F b 1936 American aka Deirdre Blomfield-Brown, nun, author, director of Gampo Abbey (NS), Chogyam Trungpa. New URL. Interview
Penor Rinpoche M b 1932, aka Pema Norbu, reincarnating Nyingma head. New URL
Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche M b 1966, heir to grandfather Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Ven. Ribur Rinpoche M b1923 tortured by Chinese, historian, leads retreats in US (CA)
Ngakpa Rig'dzin Dorje M b1954 Brit, lineage from Yesh Tsogyel, Khandro Dchen Tsdrup Yesh et al
Sakya Trizin M b1945 lineage back to Bn, head of a whole branch, Sakyapa, of Tibetan Mahayana, many centres
Jomo Sam'phel F 70ish
Sangye Nyenpa M b1963, Karmapa. Page is in Danish
Shangpa Tulku Rinpoche M b1960 based in Singapore, ordained by 16th Karmapa at age 9. New URL
Chamgon Tai Situ Rinpoche M b 1954, Marpa reincarnation, Kagyu line, Karmapa regent
Sogyal Rinpoche M 40ish author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Jamyang Khyentse
Lama Sonam Tsering M 50ish based in US, Nyingma
Geshe Lhundub Sopa Rinpoche M b1923 long-time prof in US (WI)
Kenting Tai Situpa M b1954 (12th), author, travels widely, Karmapa
Ven. Tenzin Palmo F b1944 English aka Diane Perry, 12 years in a cave, founded Dongyu Gatsal Ling nunnery in Himachal, Khamtrul Rinpoche
Lama Tharchin Rinpoche M 55ish Dzogchen, based in California
Trinley Thaye Dorje M b1983 in Tibet, designated 17th Karmapa by official Karma Kagyu org. Big controversy. Articles from both camps at Karmapa.org.nz
Karma Thinley Rinpoche M b1931, based in Canada (TO), centers all over, 16th Karmapa
Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche M b 1933
Tulku Thubten Rinpoche M b 1968, Nyingma, based in US
Traktung Rinpoche M b1959 American (MI) husband of A'dzom, Nyingma, Tantra
Chobgye Trichen Rinpoche M b1920, 18th CT, tutor of Dalai Lama, does long retreats, "hidden master"
Ven. Trulshik Rinpoche M 60ish? travels to west, guru of Zopa, disciple of Khyentse
Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche M b1968, 4th TGR, based in Nepal, 16th Karmapa
Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche M b1918, based in Nepal, travels, 16th Karmapa among others
Tsok-Nyi Rinpoche * M b1966, 3rd T-NR, Nyingma, author based in Nepal, many teachers
Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche M b 1934
Urgyen Trinley Dorje M b1983 in China, the "unofficial" 17th Karmapa, recog by Dalai Lama. Big controversy. Articles from both camps at Karmapa.org.nz
Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche M 1920-1996, based in Nepal, toured, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Nyingma, father of Chkyi Nyima
Jigme Pema Wangchen M b1963, 12th Gyalwang Drukpa
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche M 40ish, Bonpo
Yeshe Wangmo * F b1949 Canadian, based in US (HI), author, weaver of complementary paths now on her own, Tharchin, Kalu Rinpoche
Zasep Tulku Rinpoche M b1948, 10th ZTR, based in Canada (BC), Geshe Thubten Wanggyel
Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche M 55ish, international, Lama Yeshe

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6. ThubtenChodron.org


This website was first created by the Buddhist Action Team in 1999 and presented to Ven. Chodron as a birthday gift to assist her in her Dharma propagation activities. The young, dynamic members of the team, comprising Bro. Lim Choon Fah, Bro. Lim Ah Kwee and Bro. Lim Eng Kiang, received their Dharma education from Ven. Chodron during their campus days as members of the Singapore Polytechnic Buddhist Society. With Ven Chodron's permission, her teaching schedule, activites, articles and teachings were posted here.

Since then, more people have chipped in, putting in many hours duplicating audio tapes of teachings, converting the audio files, transcribing and editing the transcripts, providing technical advice and support, maintaining the website, etc. In 2001, the website was given a new look by Bro. Mark Tan, who met Ven. Chodron during her visit in Singapore and was inspired by her teachings.

We owe much gratitude to Ven. Chodron, for the precious teachings and for all the effort involved in organizing the articles and Dharma materials before they could be posted to the website.

Ven. Chodron is known for her clear, humorous and practical teachings and teaches the Dharma tirelessly in the US and many places worldwide. It is the hope of everyone involved that this rich resource of Dharma materials and teachings be accessible to her students and interested people in different corners of the world, and bring benefit to all.

May all beings be well and happy!

7. Meetings With Remarkable Women: Buddhist Teachers in America
...by Lenore Friedman


Amazon.com- reader from Orange County, Ca USA ...Kudos to Lenore Friedman for recognizing the birth of Buddhism among American women twenty years ago - and for keeping us up to date in this revision. She introduced us to Toni Packer, to Pema Chodron, to Joko Beck. This book is an important contribution for women (for all) spritual seekers. With her meticulous insights and her obvious devotion to the material, one imagines that meeting Ms. Friedman would be remarkable, too.


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