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Dana is the practice of developing the qualities of kindness and generosity. We develop these qualities because they make fertile ground for liberating wisdom and compassion to grow deep in our hearts. The practice of dana provides an opportunity to support teachings that help us realize that true happiness arises with non-attachment. Since the time of the Buddha there has been a tradition that those who offer the teachings are supported by their community. If you find this web-site of value please think about making an offering to help support it and bring the Dharma to the Internet and to people whom would otherwise not have the Dharma available to them.

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A Treasure

"And what is the treasure of generosity? There is the case of a disciple of the noble ones, his awareness cleansed of the stain of stinginess, living at home, freely generous, openhanded, delighting in being magnanimous, responsive to requests, delighting in the distribution of alms. This is called the treasure of generosity." -- AN VII.6

Five Rewards

"These are the five rewards of generosity: One is dear and appealing to people at large, one is admired by good people, one's good name is spread about, one does not stray from the rightful duties of the householder, and with the break-up of the body at death, one reappears in a good destination, in the heavenly worlds." -- AN V.35

Don't Underestimate the Power of Small Gifts

"Even if a person throws the rinsings of a bowl or a cup into a village pool or pond, thinking, 'May whatever animals live here feed on this,' that would be a source of merit." -- AN III.57