Living in Peace: The Five Buddhist Precepts - Kusala Bhikshu
CRN: 50980 / YGPX 901.01 / 1.0 Semester Hour
Loyola Marymount University

Location: St. Robert's 242 / Tuition: $185

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Kusala Bhikshu

September 20 – October 18, 2007
Schedule: Thursdays / 7:30 – 9:30 pm

At the heart of the Buddhist Path is the practice of precepts: To Avoid Taking Life; To Avoid Taking What is Not Given; To Avoid Sexual Misconduct; To Avoid Lying; and To Avoid Consuming Intoxicants.

Kusala Bhikshu will explore the five Buddhist precepts and how they relate to... Good and Evil... War and Peace... Suicide and Euthanasia... Abortion and Contraception... Sexual Equality... and share his understanding of basic Buddhist principles in a simple, non-technical way through stories, humor and personal insights. Kusala will also address the everyday challenge of taking precept practice into the world.

"When a Buddhist realizes Enlightenment... The “Great Compassion” cannot but arise in his or her heart. He is no longer able to view the world in the same way he did before his Enlightenment. He can now see, feel, know, and understand... If one person is sick, hungry, homeless, or dying in the world... There is a part of him that is sick, hungry, homeless, or dying. He no longer feels separate and safe. He views the world as a sea of suffering and is directly connected to each and every suffering being, in the same way the ocean connects to each and every wave." - Kusala Bhikshu

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