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My Day - November 23, 2004 - Rev. Heng Sure

Rev. Heng Sure, Ph.D. is the Director of the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery, President of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association and Senior Monastic Bhikshu of the late Chan Master Hsuan Hua. He has been a Buddhist monk in the Chinese Mahayana tradition for 29 years and received all his training in the United States at Gold Mountain Monastery in San Francisco and at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, in Talmage, California. He teaches Buddhist-Christian Dialogue at the Graduate Theological Union. - http://paramita.typepad.com

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Time to sit under the tree and enter samadhi? You decide.

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Talked with Mom canceled Thanksgiving visit

Counseled disciple who broke precepts

Set up remodeling of back stairs and fire escape

Drank tea

Read email and news

Translated Chinese song; didn't finish

Met with Methodist colleague to plan college course

Call from Canadian nuns about Vancouver trip

Call from East Coast nuns about Maryland trip

Talked with monk about school schedules

Called school administration about changing monk's English class

Ate lunch

Five phone calls about bike lock

Called book store about order, will deliver

Counseled suicidal teenager

Declined invitation to Interfaith Service

Greeted returning friend, heard stories of trip

Met University Chancellor

University Staff meeting

Spoke with director of interfaith group about budget

Supervised rebuilding

Dis-invited meat-eating workers from dining room

Drank tea

Call from student with doubts

Call from Los Angeles BK sister

Call from Zen teacher about reading circle

Met neighbor discussed bike pilgrimage


Evening chanting service

Translated Chinese song; didn't finish

Finished song at midnight

Checked the doors

Meditated before


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