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January 2004:

January 6, 2004

In This Issue / Dana - Generosity
1. Giving ('Dana')
2. In Praise of Dana (Giving)
3. Dana - The Practice of Generosity
4. Heartland raises money for service projects Janet Lipner
5. Dana in Early Buddhism U Ko Lay and U Tin Lwin Yangon
6. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: The Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
7. Book/CD/Movie Review: Dana : Giving and Getting in Pali Buddhism

January 13, 2004

In This Issue / Rev. Heng Sure - 3 Steps and a Bow
1. "How will the world be better if I don't change myself ?"
2. With One Heart - An Evening with Heng Sure and Heng Ch'au Pavithra Krishnan
3. A Page from the Diary of a Walking Pilgrim ...Disciple Kuo Chen
4. A Photo Album of Bhikshus Heng Sure and Heng Ch'au - 3 Steps and a Bow
5. A Buddhist Approach to Dreams - Jung and Junti - Dreams West and East ...By Rev. Heng Sure
6. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Wonderfully Absurd Temple - (Miao Miao Miao) - Chinese Avant-Garde Web Art
7. Book/CD/Movie Review: With One Heart Bowing to the City of 10,000 Buddhas (Nine Volumes) - $63.00

January 20, 2004

In This Issue / Shantideva
1. Shantideva
2. The Life Story of Shantideva
3. “Entering the Path to Enlightenment” Translated by Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D.
4. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center
5. Book/CD/Movie Review: The Way of the Bodhisattva - A Translation of the Bodhicharyavatara

January 27, 2004

In This Issue / Ven. Ajahn Amaro
1. Ven. Ajahn Amaro
2. Interview with Ajahn Amaro Inquiring Mind Magazine
3. Temple/Center/Website: The Forest Sangha
4. Book/CD/Movie: Free - 54 Dharma Talks on CD

February 2004:

February 3, 2004

In This Issue / Buddhism in Sri Lanka
1. Buddhism in Sri Lanka
2. The Arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka Aryadasa Ratnasinghe
3. Sri Lanka and Buddhism
4. Temple/Center/Website: Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara
5. Book/CD/Movie: SERENDIPITY OF ANDREW GEORGE ...By Ananda W. P. Guruge

February 10, 2004

In This Issue / Buddhist Weddings
1. A Chinese Buddhist Wedding
2. A Sri Lankan Buddhist Wedding
3. A Buddhist Wedding Ceremony
4. Buddhist Weddings
5. Setting Up Your Buddhist Home
6. Temple/Center/Website: - Japan - Wedding Photo Album
Thailand - Wedding Photo Album
7. Book/CD/Movie: It's Easier Than You Think Sylvia Boorstein

February 17, 2004

In This Issue / Buddhism in Vietnam
1. Theravada Buddhism in Vietnam ...Binh Anson
2. Vietnamese Buddhism
3. Temple/Center/Website: BuddhaSasana a Buddhist Page by Binh Anson

February 24, 2004

In This Issue / Buddhism and Emotions
1. What is Emotion? Lama Gendyn Rinpoche
2. Mature Emotions ...Ajahn Vajiro
3. Buddhism and the Blues ...By Hara Estroff Marano
4. from 'Living Dharma' Venerable Lama Yeshe Losal
5. from 'Taming the Tiger' Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche
6. Buddhism and Human Feelings ...Rev. Gregory Gibbs
7. Temple/Center/Website: Vista Buddhist Temple
8. Book/CD/Movie: Healing Emotions Daniel Goleman

March 2004:

March 1, 2004

In This Issue/ Love in Buddhism
0. Humor
1. Loving Eyes (tib. Chenrezig)
2. Buddhism: Love ...Contributor: Sakoun Sok, NY
3. Love in Buddhism
4. Love as the basis of Spiritual Growth ...Ven. Prof. Dhammavihari Thera
5. How would Buddha love? ...Lama Surya Das
6. Temple/Center/Website: California Vipassana Center
7. Book/CD/Movie: A Dictionary/Encyclopedia of Buddhism - 999 Pages - (4.7 MB) - Free Download

March 9, 2004

In This Issue/ Buddhism and Anger
0. Humor
1. Anger
2. Transforming Anger ...Lama Surya Das
3. Anger Management --Buddhist Style ...Jeffrey Po
5. Temple/Center/Website: Los Angeles County Coroner - Gift Shop
6. Book/CD/Movie: Working With Anger Thubten Chodron

March 16, 2004

In This Issue/ Ultimate and Relative Truth in Buddhism
0. Humor/Quotes...
1. The Two Truths ...Mark Whitley's home page - Mark's Musings
2. Relative Truth and Ultimate Truth ...Researched by Andrea Deschenes
3. Buddhism Introduces Absolute and Relative Truth ...Vairocana Monastery
4. Shunyata in Pure Land Buddhism ...Michio Tokunaga
5. The Curative Value of Egolessness and the Ethical Importance of Compassion in Buddhism ...Sharon Belfer
6. Emptiness, Concepts and the knowledge of Truth ...The White Lotus Center for Shin Buddhism
7. E-sangha, Buddhist Forum & Buddhism Forum - Truth?
8. Temple/Center/Website: A Season for Nonviolence
9. Book/CD/Movie: Appearance and Reality: The Two Truths in Four Buddhist Systems Guy Newland

March 23, 2004

In This Issue/ Ultimate Reality in Buddhism
0. Humor/Quotes...
1. The Ultimate Reality in Buddhism
2. Dhamma and Reality ...Bhikkhu Nagasena
3. Buddhism and The True Value of Thich Tam Thien
4. Temple/Center/Website: NoZen
5. Book/CD/Movie: Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning Viktor E. Frankl

March 30, 2004

In This Issue/ Nirvana in Buddhism
0. Humor/Quotes...
1. Nirvana, Buddhism
2. Nirvana
3. Buddhist Nirvana Tom Harris
4. Hindu Nirvana Tom Harris
5. How Buddhist Nirvana Works Tom Harris
6. Buddhist Enlightenment vs Nirvana Rev. Kusala Bhikshu
7. Nirvana Day
8. Temple/Center/Website: Ekoji Buddhist Temple
9. Book/CD/Movie: Psychoanalysis & Buddhism: An Unfolding Dialogue Jeremy D. Safran

April 2004:

April 4, 2004

In This Issue/ Yoga and Buddhism
0. Humor/Quotes...
1. Yoga and Buddhism David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri)
2. Hindu Yoga, Buddhist Yoga, Jaina Yoga Georg Feuerstein
3. An Introduction to the Practice of Yoga and Buddhism ...John C. Kimbrough

4. Temple/Center/Website: True Yoga
5. Book/CD/Movie: None

April 13, 2004

In This Issue/ Jainism and Buddhism
0. Humor/Quotes...
1. About Jainism
2. Jainism
3. Jainism Today
4. Buddhism Vs Jainism
5. Test your knowledge - Buddhism & Jainism
6. Temple/Center/Website: The Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters
7. Book/CD/Movie: Shaolin Soccer

April 20, 2004

In This Issue/ Hinduism and Buddhism
0. Humor/Quotes...
1. Hinduism and Buddhism
2. Hinduism & Buddhism Different Religions! ...By Nandakumar Chandran
3. Hinduism in Sri Lankha
4. Temple/Center/Website: DharmaDate
5. Book/CD/Movie: A Buddhist History of the West David R. Loy

April 27, 2004

In This Issue/ Buddhism and Christianity
0. Humor/Quotes...
1. Parallel Sayings of Buddha and Christ
2. "Benedict's Dharma: Buddhists Reflect on the Rule of Saint Benedict'
3. Temple/Center/Website: Benedict’s Dharma: The Conference
4. Book/CD/Movie: "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter . . . and Spring."

May 2004:

May 4, 2004

In This Issue/ Morality Without God
1. Morality with and without a creator God. ...Radhika Abeysekera
2. If There's No God in Buddhism, Are Buddhists Atheists? ...Lama Surya Das
3. Temple/Center/Website: The Journal of Buddhist Ethics
4. Book/CD/Movie: The Science of Good and Evil : Why People
Cheat, Gossip, Care, Share, and Follow the Golden Rule -- by Michael Shermer

May 11, 2004

In This Issue/ Prayer as Practice
2. Buddhist Prayer Beads
3. The Foundation of Mental Prayer ...Fr Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R.
4. E-sangha, Buddhist Forum & Buddhism Forum
5. Temple/Center/Website: Dharma Crumbs - Bread Crumbs of Buddha Dharma
6. Book/CD/Movie: eBook - Free Download - Bhavana Vandana: Book of Devotion ...Compiled by Ven. H. Gunaratana

May 18, 2004

In This Issue/ The Shakuhachi Zen Flute
1. The paradox of the Shakuhachi
2. The Meaninglessness of Zen in Shakuhachi
3. Shakuhachi in Perspective
4. The Bamboo Way (Chikudo) Mary Lu Brandwein
5. Temple/Center/Website: The Melbourne Shakuhachi Centre
6. Book/CD/Movie: eBook - New Life From Ruins: Zen Celtic Sacred Songs and Meditations - Robert A. Jonas

May 25, 2004

In This Issue/ Zen Guitar
1. "Zen guitar" will mean different things to different people Clarelynn Rose
2. Forever Zen ...Craig Smoot
3. Temple/Center/Website: The Zen Guitar Dojo
4. Book/CD/Movie: eBook - Zen and the Art of Guitar: A Path to Guitar Mastery

June 2004:

June 8, 2004

In This Issue/ Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
1. Quality - Inspired by Robert Pirsig's book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, An Inquiry into Values ...Brad Cox, Ph.D.
2. Robert M. Pirsig´s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and the term ´Chautauqua´.
3. Who is Robert Pirsig, and how can he change your life? ... J.D.Owen
4. FAQ... Questions and Answers about ZMM
5. Temple/Center/Website: Elena's Motorcycle Trip Through Chernobyl
6. Book/CD/Movie: eBook - Guidebook to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Ron Di Santo (Author), Tom Steele (Author)

June 15, 2004

In This Issue/ Mara and His Armies
0. Humor...
1. Mara in Buddhism
2. The Great Enlightenment
3. Mara
4. Mara and His Children
5. MARA --- Buddhist teacher Eugene Cash
5. Temple/Center/Website: None
6. Book/CD/Movie: eBook - Letters from Mara ...A story by Punnadhammo Bhikkhu - (Free eBook)

June 22, 2004

In This Issue/ Sutra on the Deep Kindness of Parents
1. Chinese“filial piety”
2. The Buddha Speaks the Sutra about the Deep Kindness of Parents and the Difficulty in Repaying it ...Translated into Chinese by: Master Kumarajiva - Translated into English by: Upasika Terri Nicholson
5. Temple/Center/Website: None
6. Book/CD/Movie: None

June 29, 2004

In This Issue/ Buddhism & Ecology
0. News...
1. What do Buddhists teach about ecology?
2. Pratitya Samutpada: the foundation for a Buddhist environmentalism - Lokabandhu
3. Temple/Center/Website:
4. Book/CD/Movie: Buddhism and Deep Ecology - DANIEL H. HENNING, PH.D.

July 2004:

July 6, 2004

In This Issue/ Buddhism & Politics
1. Buddhism and Politics
2. Buddhism and Politics - Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda Maha Thera
3. E-sangha, Buddhist Forum -> Engaged Buddhism
4. Temple/Center/Website: Fahrenheit 9/11
5. Book/CD/Movie: Imagine All the People: A Conversation with the Dalai Lama on Money, Politics, and Life as it Could Be Tenzin Gyatso, Fabien Quaki, Anne Benson, His Holiness the Dalai Lama

July 13, 2004

In This Issue/ Buddhism & Nagarjuna
1. The philosophy of Nagarjuna's Middle Way in the context of the Four Noble Truths. - Thomas J. McFarlane
2. Nagarjuna (c. 150-250) - The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
3. Seventy Verses on Emptiness - Nagarjuna
4. Temple/Center/Website: Buddha's Grove
5. Book/CD/Movie: The Wisdom of Nagarjuna - 190 Pages - (1.6 MB) - A Free ebook from Urban Dharma

July 27, 2004

In This Issue/ Buddhism & The Diamond Sutra
1. The Hungry Monk
2. A Short History of Diamonds
3. Johannes Gutenberg and The Printed Book
4. The Historical Background of Woodblock Printing in Tibet
5. The Translator of the Chinese version of the Diamond Sutra
6. The Diamond Cutter/The Diamond Sutra
4. Temple/Center/Website: None
5. Book/CD/Movie: The Diamond Sutra: The Perfection of Wisdom - by Red Pine




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