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June 2003:

June 3, 2003

2. The Boy Monk ...Anh Do and Teri Sforza
3. Waiting for the Right Time ...Upasaka Guy Rom
4. A Letter to a Friend Considering Ordination ...Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron
5. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Mahayana Zengong
6. Book Review: Qigong Empowerment: A Guide to Medical, Taoist, Buddhist, Wushu Energy Cultivation Shou-Yu Liang, Wen-Ching Wu

June 9, 2003

1. New UrbanDharma eMail address
3. Children Get a Yen for Zen ...By Karyn Hsiao
4. A Few Sample Meditations for Young People
5. How should I teach Buddhism to my children?
6. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Mountain Spirit Center
7. Book Review: Meditating With Children: The Art of Concentration and Centering: A Workbook on New Educational Methods Using Meditation Deborah, Ph.D. Rozman

June 17, 2003

2. The Joy Hidden in Sorrow
3. Understanding the Experience of Grief
4. Grief is for Sharing
5. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week:
The Amaravati Monastery
6. Book Review: Healing Lazarus: A Buddhist's Journey from Near Death to New Life Lewis Richmond

June 24, 2003

2. Forgiveness and Self-Examination ...By Gregg Krech
3. Forgiveness
4. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week:
Theravada Buddhist Society of America
5. Book Review: A Beginner's Guide to Forgiveness ...How to Free Your Heart and Awaken Compassion ...Jack Kornfield ...Audio CD, 74 minutes

June 30, 2003

2. The Pali Cannon
3. A Summary of the Major Text Divisions
4. The Pali Language: ‘Did the Buddha speak Pali?’
5. A Guide to Learning the Pali Language John Bullitt
6. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: The Pali Text Society
7. Book Review: A New Course in Reading Pali: Entering the Word of the Buddha James W. Gair, W. S. Karunatillake

July 2003:

July 8, 2003

1. How to Find a Buddhist Temple George Klima and Chris Ng
2. Buddhist Teachers ...Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
3. ZEN (Roshis, Senseis and the like) ...Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
4. TIBETAN (Rinpoches, Lamas etc) ...Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
5. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week:
6. Book/Movie Review: Meetings With Remarkable Women: Buddhist Teachers in America Lenore Friedman

July 15, 2003

1. Shaolin Temple and the Martial Arts
2. Martial Arts ...JapanZone
3. What does practicing religiously mean? Sifu Robert Brown
4. The Zen Way to the Martial Arts. ...By George Leonard
5. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: A Shaolin Monastery ...Photo Album
6. Book/Movie Review: The Shaolin Temple ...Movie- in DVD & VHS

July 22, 2003

1. Bible Losing Monopoly ...BY BILL MAXWELL ST
2. Buddhist Temple's Obon Festival Updates Ancient Festival ...By Marcia Manna
3. A Buddha-shaped hole ...Colin Thubron
4. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: The UC Irvine Buddhist Association
5. Book/Movie Review: Ten Thousand Miles Without a Cloud ...Sun Shuyun

July 29, 2003

1. A City's Police Turn to Buddhism to Fight Gangs ...By KATIE ZEZIMA
2. Life as a Benedictine Nun ...Sister Donald Corcoran
3. Taking the unknown path ...By Georgia Rowe ...TIMES CORRESPONDENT
4. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: The Rinzai-ji Zen Center
5. Book Review: Boomeritis: A Novel That Will Set You Free Ken Wilber

August 2003:

August 5, 2003

1. Purer Instinct: Ethical Sensibility Vidyadevi
2. All Embacing Urge Srimati
3. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Amida Trust
4. Book / Movie Review: Brother Sun, Sister Moon (Movie-1973) ...The Life and Times of St. Francis of Assisi

August 12, 2003

1. Buddhist traditions converge at Change Your Mind day ...By Angel Gonzalez
2. 2003 Monastic Retreat: A Perspective ...By Brady T. Chin, L.Ac.
3. Buddhist Ordination for Women ...In 2002, 40 women were ordained...
4. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Enmanji Buddhist Temple
5. Book/Movie Review: Turning the Wheel: Essays on Buddhism and Writing Charles Johnson

August 19, 2003

Summer Road Trip- No Newsletter

August 26, 2003

Summer Road Trip- No Newsletter

September 2003:

September 2, 2003

1. Ritual loom: Weaving, cutting, dying, sewing.
2. Inheritance
3. No Dog Collars Allowed: A Justification of the Western Clergy Collar
4. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Zen Meditation Groups in the California Central Valley
5. Book/Movie Review: My Master's Robe: Memories of a Novice Monk Thich Nhat Hanh

September 9, 2003

1. Conversation with a Buddhist Monk
2. New homes for shrines to Buddhist tradition Church finds families for antique altars
3. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: The Seattle Buddhist Temple
4. Book/Movie Review: Graceful Simplicity: The Philosophy and Politics of the Alternative American Dream Jerome M. Segal

September 16, 2003

Special Issue / Buddhism and Health
1. Is Buddhism Good for Your Health? ...By STEPHEN S. HALL
2. Buddhism, Medicine, and Health ...Ven. Master Hsing Yun
3. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: None
4. Book/Movie Review: None

September 23, 2003

Special Issue / Buddhism and Ecology
0. Those Dam Builders!
1. Spiritual Approach Urged to Save Earth ...Gazette Staff
2. The Ecology of Buddhism Mushroom Cloud Nine
3. The foundations of ecology in Zen Buddhism Ven. Sunyana Graef
4. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Dharma Rain Zen Center
5. Book/Movie Review: Dharma Rain: Sources of Buddhist Environmentalism Stephanie Kaza (Editor), Kenneth Kraft (Editor)

September 30, 2003

1. The Monk and the Alligator Crispin Day
2. Anchorage Woman Prepares to Enter the Priesthood SHIN BUDDHIST:
3. Voice from a Thai girl ...Buddhist ordination ...Sawasdee Kha
4. Ordination of Buddhist women
5. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Mahabodhi Institute
6. Book/Movie Review: Kosmic Consciousness Ken Wilber

October 2003:

October 7, 2003

Special Issue / Buddhism and the Postmodern World
1. The Postmodern Buddha Mark A. Pegrum
2. The Other Enlightenment Project ...Stephen Batchelor
3. A role of Buddhism in Postmodern Psychotherapy ...from
4. Maitreya Buddha - the future of Buddhism in the West ...from
5. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week:
6. Book/Movie Review: The Great Awakening: A Buddhist Social Theory David R. Loy

October 14, 2003

Special Issue / Western Buddhist Monastic Conference
1. Three Western Buddhist Monastic Conference Photo Albums:
2. The 9th Western Buddhist Monastic Conference
3. The 8th Western Buddhist Monastic Conference
4. The 7th Western Buddhist Monastic Conference
5. The 6th Western Monastic Buddhist Conference
6. The 4th Western Buddhist Monastic Conference
7. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: None
8. Book/CD/Movie Review: None

October 21, 2003

Special Issue / The Self in Christianity and Buddhism
1. Christian Forums > Buddhism and Christianity
2. Self and No Self ...Dharma Talk ...Albuquerque Zen Center
3. A SIMPLE PERSPECTIVE ON 'NO SELF' ...By Upasika Khema Sally Jantrarit
4. The Self in Christianity and Buddhism
5. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: The North American Interfaith Network

October 28, 2003

Special Issue / The Nichiren Shu
1. Nichiren Shonin (1222-1282) Ryuei Michael McCormick
2. My Letter to Nichiren Ryuei Michael McCormick
3. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week:
4. Book/CD/Movie Review: None

November 2003:

November 4, 2003

Special Issue / The Jhanas
1. What is the Purpose of Jhana Meditation?
2. BUDDHIST MEDITATION: Stages of Mindfulness and Aborsption
3. The Five Hindrances (Nivarana) ...Venerable Ajahn Brahmavamso
4. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre
5. Book/CD/Movie Review: Analysis of the Jhãnas in Theravãda Buddhist Meditation - Ven. H. Gunaratana

November 11, 2003

Special Issue / Suffering in Buddhism
1. To Comprehend Suffering Phra Ajaan Suwat Suvaco
2. Suffering and Buddhism ...Paul Ingram
3. Suffering and the Buddhist Tradition ...Venerable Guo Yuan Fa Shi
4. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery
5. Book/CD/Movie Review: Transforming Suffering: Reflections on Finding Peace in Troubled Times

November 18, 2003

Special Issue / Women & Buddhism
1. 8th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women
3. Buddhist Nuns from a Modern Perspective Juo-hsueh Shih
4. The Legend of Miao-shan
5. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: ZEN, WOMEN, AND BUDDHISM
6. Book/CD/Movie Review: Women in Buddhism - Question & Answers (795 KB) e-Book

November 25, 2003

Special Issue / Prayer & Buddhism
1. Click here for good karma
2. Re: Buddhism and prayer ...Michael
3. BUDDHIST PRAYER ...Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut
4. Prayer In Buddhism ...From SGI Quarterly
5. The meaning of prayer in Buddhism -- Robert Kurniawan
6. Buddhist Prayer Beads
7. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Prayer Directory - Buddhist - Buddhist Prayers
8. Book/CD/Movie Review: Loving-kindness Meditation


December 2, 2003

Special Issue / Buddhist Christian
1. Benedict's Dharma 2 the Web Site...
2. From Day 3, Benedicts Dharma 2, Questions and Answers...
3. A Buddhist in Catholic Clothing ...Charlotte McGuinn Freeman
4. Jesus through Buddhist Eyes

5. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Monastic Interreligious Dialogue (MID)
6. Book/CD/Movie Review: Free Offer - The MID Bulletin/Magazine

December 9, 2003

* No Newsletter

December 16, 2003

Special Issue / Christian Meditation
1. Information About Christian Meditation
2. Christian Meditation ...Tom Adams
3. The Pitfalls of Christian Meditation ...Sister Mary (Meg) Margaret Funk

4. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: Irish Community for Christian Meditation
5. Book/CD/Movie Review: Tools Matter Sister Mary Margaret Funk, OSB

December 23, 2003

Special Issue / Buddhist Christmas
1. A Buddhist Christmas Tree ...Weekly Sermon
2. A Buddhist Christmas Story ...A Christmas Story from the Lotus Sutra
3. Christmas Dharma Lama Thubten Yeshe
4. Christmas Practice ...Santoshni Perara
5. "Giving loving kindness at Christmas" - by Sian Spanner
6. Converting Christmas ...By Rev. Oswin Hollenbeck
7. Temple/Center/Website- of the Week: The Manitoba Buddhist Church
8. Book/CD/Movie Review: None

December 30, 2003

Special Issue / Buddhist New Year
1. Buddhist New Year ...Author: Yeshe Chodon
2. Gonging in the New Year at a Buddhist Temple ...The Chosun Ilbo
3. Cambodian New Year ...Author: Kathy Moss
4. Why celebrate New Year's only once a year?
6. Book/CD/Movie Review: e-Book - Benedict's Dharma 2 in a Text Only Version - PDF (425 KB)


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