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Monks in the West - October 2004 - Mt. Tabor Monastery

Early on a misty morning, as one approaches the small wooden church and hears the prayerfully chanted melodies rising to God, one might imagine oneself in a 16th century Carpathian village rather than in 20th century California, a few miles from Highway 101. At Mt. Tabor Monastery in Redwood Valley, the traditions of Eastern Christianity - ancient yet very much alive - are lived and celebrated by the monks in a simple lifestyle of prayer, work, and brotherly love.

Mt. Tabor (or, more officially, Holy Transfiguration Monastery) belongs to the Ukrainian Catholic diocese of Chicago and has been in Redwood Valley for about 30 years. It was founded by Archimandrite Boniface Luykx, a recognized theologian, liturgist and, most importantly, monk. He was deeply aware of the need for the establishment of Eastern monasticism in the Catholic Church in America. Therefore, he set about building up the "family of Jesus" which now lives at Mt. Tabor, relying on the providence of God and the prayers of our heavenly Mother Mary, the "Landlady" of the monastery.

Mt. Tabor Monastery Web Site -- www.byzantines.net/monastery

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- Photos by Rev. Heng Sure and Rev. Kusala Bhikshu -

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